Practice Opening Soon In Chandler 

Dr. Mazzei is moving her practice from Illinois, where she has been practicing for many years, to Chandler, AZ. She looks forward to working with the local community to provide psychological services. We hope to hear from you then.


Counseling Services

As a Health Psychologist, Dr. Mazzei provides therapy to treat the psychological issues resulting from mental and physical health conditions. She provides counseling to teenagers and adults with an integrative approach to treatment, relying on years of clinical experience, proven therapies and a compassionate approach. Dr. Mazzei’s mission is to reduce suffering and improve your overall health through psychological services. Dr. Mazzei’s practice is conveniently located in Chandler, AZ. She also offers teletherapy for online counseling.

Psychological Specialties

Dr. Mazzei specializes in treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, and all forms of addiction, including substance abuse, sex addiction, food addiction, gambling addiction and smoking cessation. She is uniquely qualified as a Health Psychologist and provides counseling for stress management, ADHD, infertility, eating issues, weight loss, chronic pain and insomnia. She works with individuals suffering from psychological issues related to a health condition, such as chronic illness. She focuses her treatments around improving your mental and physical health.

Dr. Mazzei integrates informed therapies, including biofeedback, neurofeedback, hypnosis, EMDR, mindfulness based training, lifestyle change and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She utilizes psychological therapies to enhance your overall well-being.

When life’s challenges and transitions become difficult, seeking psychological support can provide the greatest opportunities for self-understanding, personal growth and health improvement. Dr. Mazzei believes that everyone is capable of change, especially when empowered and supported to reach your personal goals. In a safe and professional relationship, she will work with you to relieve emotional distress, to help facilitate positive life changes and to improve your mind and body health. Dr. Mazzei aims to provide a warm, empathetic, respectful and nurturing therapeutic environment in which you will feel comfortable to explore your concerns and make enduring changes. Together, you will embark on a journey to better your life.

Counseling & Therapy

At Evolutions Behavioral Health Services, Dr. Mazzei provides effective and compassionate counseling services by taking a holistic and comprehensive approach to treatment. She is committed to the health, happiness, and well-being of her patients. She looks forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Rae Mazzei, Psy.D., C.A.D.C., B.C.B.

Dr. Mazzei is a health psychologist with expertise in health psychology who provides counseling to teens and adults. Within a compassionate and caring environment, she takes an integrative approach to counseling. Read more

Conveniently Located

Our professional offices are located at  3120 N. Arizona Avenue, Suite 103, Chandler, AZ. We are easily accessible from the suburbs adjacent to Chandler and Gilbert. For those looking for online thearpy, Dr. Mazzei offers convienent teletherapy.

Psychologist Chandler AZ

Getting Started

Dr. Mazzei and her staff is here to answer any questions and to help you start the therapy process. Please call us at (480) 448-6755 or fill out the contact form to get started. 

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