Anger is considered a feeling or emotion that ranges from mild irritation to rage. When a loved one or we feel threatened, disrespected, or believe another person has violated our personal values, we can become angry. We can also feel anger when our needs or desires are not being met. As a result of anger, we may act out aggressively. Anger that is felt too intensely or expressed ineffectively can result in a variety of problems that impacts our relationships, health, and mind.

When our behaviors are driven by anger, this often has unintended consequences, such as relationship, physical and legal problems. Many conflicts in relationships result from anger expressed between couples, family, and friends. Communication that is driven by frustration and criticism can lead to a breakdown in your relationships.

Anger has a strong biological impact. During prolonged periods of anger, your nervous system becomes over-activated and this can lead to hypertension, heart disease, or a weakened immune response. Feelings of anger, in addition to other negative emotions, can cause physical damage over time. Anger is often a triggering emotion to substance abuse and other addictive behaviors. When you hit someone or something else, you may find that you not only inflicted harm on yourself but now you are in legal trouble.

Anger Management Techniques

The way you express anger results from a combination of factors, including your temperament as a child, family background, and learned behaviors. How you show your anger often is a habitual and familiar response that you’ve developed after many years. In fact, you may feel that you have no control over your anger. One of the keys to managing anger is to arm yourself with effective coping skills so that you don’t instinctively act on your anger.

Some anger management techniques are:

  • Becoming aware of how anger became a learned response
  • Examining the negative consequences of your behaviors
  • Assessing your anger triggers
  • Changing your response to being angry
  • Engaging in relaxation and mindfulness techniques
  • Using thought stopping
  • Improving communication style

Anger Management Counseling

If you feel that your anger is uncontrollable, is negatively impacting your relationships, or causing problems in your life, you might consider anger management counseling. Dr. Mazzei, an anger management specialist and Health Psychologist, has worked with numerous individuals in helping them better control their anger. Within a non-judgmental and supportive therapeutic environment, she will help you gain insight into your problems and develop effective and long-term coping skills to manage anger.

How We Can Help

The best place to start is by speaking to our staff, who can discuss anger management counseling, answer any questions about the process, and schedule a confidential appointment. Simply follow these steps:

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Dr. Mazzei offers both in-person and teletherapy for online anger management counseling for residents of Arizona, Illinois, Tennessee, and PSYPACT states. Her private practice is located at 3377 S. Price Rd., Suite 2104, Chandler, AZ.