Online Hypnosis

During a hypnosis session, you may feel a range of sensations, including a deep state of relaxation, a lightness, a sense of floating, moments of tremendous insight, or just calmness. Hypnosis is a process that your mind will take you on, while guided by a hypnotherapist.

What Is Hypnosis Good For?

Hypnosis is a way to help you make physical and mental changes by achieving a focused mental state. The hypnotherapist leads you through a specific brain phenomenon that we experience already in our daily life. Hypnosis is a completely natural process where you harness your own brain’s abilities to make positive changes.

Your hypnotherapist will guide you into a trace, which is just a mental state that allows you to be more open to making changes. Nothing will be done to you; rather, you will be in control the whole time. You won’t be asked to do anything objectionable or that is not within your desires.

Hypnosis is often used along with other psychological therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). When utilized together, these treatments can provide a synergistic healing.

What Exactly Happens During a Hypnosis Session?

Your hypnotherapist will first meet with you to explain what hypnosis is and to understand what you are trying to change. Together, you will decide what change behaviors will be the focus of hypnosis. For instance, you may want to stop smoking cigarettes, lose weight, get over public speaking fears, or overcome anxiety. During the initial consultation, you will have a chance to learn about hypnosis and answer any questions you may have.

Next, you will schedule another appointment when you will do hypnosis. At the beginning of the session, your hypnotherapist will review your goals. Subsequently, you will be given both instructions and suggestions and led into a deep state of relaxation.

What Is A Trance?

A trance is a very focused, but relaxed state of mind. You might find there are some moments where you find yourself so deeply interested in every single word that the hypnotherapist says. Then, there might be other moments where your mind wanders off. There is no right or wrong way for your brain to integrate the suggestions given to you. The aim is to bypass the critical part of your mind so that suggestions are accepted.

During hypnosis, you will typically feel a deep state of relaxation and focus, allowing your subconscious mind to be attuned and open to new ideas. This trance state is different from sleep, but certainly feels relaxing.

What If I Can’t Be Hypnotized?

Everyone is hypnotizable at some level. Although some people can get into a deeper trance state than others, everyone can benefit from hypnosis. If you are open and willing to participate in the process, then you can produce significant behavioral changes from hypnosis. Your subconscious mind can do its work at any level of trance.

Will I Do Funny Things During Hypnosis?

In therapeutic hypnosis, you will be in control. You will not be asked to do anything to bring embarrassment or that goes against your morals. For instance, your hypnotherapist cannot make you do anything illegal or act like an animal without your awareness and acceptance. Therapeutic hypnosis differs from stage hypnosis in this way. With stage hypnosis, participants may be asked to act in such a way that is for entertainment purposes. These participants are highly hypnotizable and can be easily induced to entertain.Hypnosis Arizona

What Does the Research Find About Hypnosis?

Studies have found hypnosis to be effective for certain disorders more than others. In a smoking cessation study, hypnosis was found to be more effective than standard behavioral treatments. In a weight loss study, hypnosis was found to significantly support losing weight loss. Hypnosis is often helpful as an adjunct therapy, when combined with other behavioral treatments.

Does Online Hypnosis Work?

Yes, hypnosis performed virtually works very well. You will be able to achieve the same level of successful behavior change through virtual hypnosis. Hypnosis conducted online requires a couple of modifications, such as using a virtual video platform and headphones. You will want to have a fast internet connection and a quiet, comfortable space where you can talk with your hypnotherapist. Using headphones are highly recommended so that you minimize distractions.

What Can Hypnosis Be Used For?

Hypnosis is used for a variety of conditions and mental health issues. Research is stronger for some conditions than others. Here are the most common issues:

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The number of sessions will vary depending upon what you want to change and how your mind adapts to the hypnosis process. Change can occur in just 1 session, while it may take multiple times to achieve the change you desire. Your therapist will consult with you along the way to ensure that you meet your therapeutic goals.

How Do I Start Hypnosis?

Dr. Mazzei is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Health Psychologist and has helped many people get over their mental health and physical issues. She uses hypnotherapy either as a stand-alone treatment or as adjunct therapy. She offers hypnosis at her office in Chandler, Arizona, at her Arizona virtual practice and her Illinois virtual practice. If you would like to get started with hypnosis, please contact our office to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Mazzei.