A medical weight loss program that addresses mind and body.

Being overweight has significant negative mental and physical impacts and we often search for a diet that will help us lose weight. Weight loss programs abound; however, the truth is that most diets fail. Eating a nutritious and reduced calorie diet is important but often is not enough to effectively lose weight. A successful weight loss program addresses both mind and body. Our program provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to weight loss.

What Makes Our Program Different?
We offer several fundamental pillars to make it successful, enabling you to reach your weight loss goals:

  • Primarily Promotes Fat Loss, While Supporting Muscle Mass
  • Medically Developed, Sensible Weight Loss Protocol
  • Frequent High Level Body Composition Analysis
  • Behavioral Health and Lifestyle Guidance Counseling with a Psychologist
  • Supervision of Your Progress on the Program by Dr. Joseph Mazzei, Physician and Medical Director
  • Access to Abundance of Online Cooking and Education Videos
  • Education for Post Diet Weight Maintenance

Weight Loss Program Foods and Supplements

We utilize a medically developed protocol, Ideal Protein, available only to qualified healthcare providers. On this program, you will be able to enjoy foods sourced from the highest quality ingredients. These foods accommodate a wide range of tastes and there is enough variety so that your taste buds won’t get bored. You can select from soups, puddings, chips, desserts, drinks, bars, and breakfast food. You can even enjoy pancakes and cheese omelets! Additionally, you will be eating foods, such as vegetables and meat, from the grocery store.

To ensure that your body is getting sufficient nutrients, we offer specialized, pharmaceutical grade supplements. You are closely supported with personalized guidance throughout the weight loss and maintenance phases. Most importantly, you will learn how to eat so that you keep the weight off. After your weight loss, we provide continued in-person support to ensure that you don’t regain the weight you’ve lost.

Counseling and Lifestyle Guidance

Many weight loss programs do not address the psychological component, which is such an important part of dieting. Most diets, in fact, fail because of emotional eating issues. We often eat when we are stressed or depressed and can become addicted to the physical feelings we get from sugary and fatty foods.  Thus, behavioral interventions are a key component of successful diets. With our program, you will work with Dr. Rae Mazzei, Clinical Psychologist, who specializes in health psychology. She will help you identify triggers to overeating and learn healthy lifestyle behaviors. Additionally, addressing any emotional eating issues that might be hindering you is an important part of changing your relationship with food. Dr. Mazzei will work with you to develop strategies for effectively managing emotions, thoughts and behaviors to ensure long-term weight loss success. Some of the therapies offered include:

  • Mindful Eating
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Lifestyle Guidance
  • Stress Management
  • Counseling for emotional eating
  • Counseling for food addiction
  • Counseling for body image issues
  • Hypnosis for weight loss


We structured our medical weight loss program so that it is affordable. You pay an initial consultation fee of $99, which includes a review of your health history with the Medical Director, brief physical examination, body composition analysis (a $50 value), review of the program, and educational materials. Then, you just pay for the cost of your foods and supplements. As you learn how improve your eating habits, you will eventually purchase all your own foods. All the nutritional guidance, counseling, body composition analysis, educational materials, and online support are complimentary.

Getting Started

Please contact us today at 847-386-8829 and speak with our staff who can answer any questions you may have on the medical weight loss program and can schedule your initial consultation.

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Medical Weight Loss Program