Pet Loss Counseling

Losing a pet can be devastating. Our pets are part of the family and when they pass, we have lost a family member. Our companions are with us through many years of our lives, providing us comfort, laughter, and support. They don’t judge and expect little from us, yet their presence gives us so much. When they die, we can feel that we lost a significant part of our lives. The loss can be tragic and emotionally tolling. Grief, anger, guilt, and depression are all common responses to pet loss. Anticipating the loss of a sick pet or struggling with the decision to euthanize a pet can cause confusion, guilt, and sadness. As a parent, you may also be struggling with how to talk to your children about pet loss. When your pet has died, dealing with life without your loved pet can be especially wrenching.

Pet Loss Counseling

Despite the impact of our grief, friends and family may not fully understand what you are experiencing. Pet loss counseling with a mental health professional can help you through this process. Dr. Mazzei, Health Psychologist and grief counselor, specializes in pet loss counseling. In addition to her professional experience, she has had many dogs, cats, rabbits, and chickens over the years. She recognizes the profound connection that we have with our pets and how tragic their passing can be. Dr. Mazzei will provide you with a safe and understanding place in which you can explore your feelings, guide you through the grieving stages, and help you move on while still cherishing and honoring your pet.

How We Can Help

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Dr. Mazzei offers both in-person and teletherapy for online grief counseling for residents of Arizona, Illinois, Tennessee, and from PSYPACT states. Her private practice is located at 3377 S. Price Rd., Suite 2104, Chandler, AZ.