Dr. Mazzei, Arizona Psychologist, realizes that time and convenience are important considerations when seeking services. As such, she offers an affordable, convenient, and easy to use online therapy that can be utilized from the comfort of your home. Teletherapy, also known as telepsychology or online counseling, allows you to receive mental health services with convenience in mind.

Teletherapy can be especially beneficial for those in the following situations:

  • Have inflexible work hours
  • Prefer therapy in the comfort of your home
  • Have a mobility-limiting disability or injury
  • Have responsibilities that prevent you from leaving home often
  • Experience inclement weather
  • Cannot travel to the office due to commuting issues
  • Live in a rural or remote area with limited mental health services

Why would I choose teletherapy?

The most common reasons people chose teletherapy are for convenience and to address non-crisis issues. Telepsychology is becoming increasingly more popular. Research has shown teletherapy to be as effective as same location counseling. Teletherapy is not intended for those who are in crisis, who are in need of intense psychological treatment, or who have a severe mental health disorder. If face-to-face therapy is more appropriate, this will be discussed with you.

How is teletherapy conducted?

Teletherapy is conducted using a confidential and HIPAA compliant software, such as doxy.me or Google Meet. You will need a computer with video and audio capability so that you and your therapist can see and hear each other. Teletherapy sessions typically last 40-60 minutes. Any handouts or materials will be provided to you over a secure connection.

Is this therapy confidential?

Yes, teletherapy services are fully HIPAA compliant and confidential. Sessions will not be recorded, unless specifically requested by you.

Are teletherapy sessions covered by insurance?

Some insurance companies reimburse for teletherapy sessions. Dr. Mazzei’s staff can help determine if your insurance will pay for these sessions. Otherwise, you can pay for sessions by self-pay, including a healthcare spending account. For some, the convenience of the sessions makes-up for the cost.

How do I get started?

The best place to start is by speaking to our staff, who can discuss how teletherapy might benefit you, answer any questions about the process, and schedule a confidential appointment with Dr. Mazzei. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an initial consultation, please call or contact us today.