Vivitrol Treatment

The Evolutions Behavior Health treatment team specializes in opioid and alcohol addiction. We offer medication assisted treatment to address the physical symptoms of your illness, while providing psychological therapy for the mental health issues that perpetuate your addiction.

When you are alcohol and/or drug dependent, the need to satisfy cravings or avoid withdrawal symptoms can be intense and difficult to manage on your own. Vivitrol™ (naltrexone for extended-release injectable suspension) can help with the process. Vivitrol™  is a non-addictive medication that can be used to treat opioid and alcohol dependence. The active ingredient in VIVITROL™, naltrexone, is a “blocker” of opioid receptors. It is commonly used in patients with opioid dependence, but for patients with alcohol dependence, it can suppress one’s physical desire to drink alcohol.

Vivitrol and Counseling

Managing drug dependence is not simply a matter of “getting clean” or stopping all drug use. Typically, the changes that cause opioid dependence will not be corrected right away and will not be fixed with medication alone. In fact, those changes can trigger cravings months or even years after you’ve stopped misusing alcohol and/or drugs. It is beneficial to incorporate counseling and behavior therapy along with Vivitrol™  therapy to successfully treat your dependence.  At Evolutions Behavioral Health, we offer both services so that you have the best chance of recovery.

How We Can Help

The best place to start is by speaking to one of our mental health professionals, who can discuss treatment options, answer any questions about the process, discuss Medication Assisted Treatment rates, and schedule a confidential appointment. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call or contact us today.