• Are you struggling to have a child?
  • Have you been dealing with feelings of sadness, shame, grief, and frustration due to reproductive issues?
  • Is your marriage suffering because of conflict related to getting pregnant?
  • Are you conflicted with the decision to use an egg donor, sperm donor, surrogate, or adoption?

Dealing with reproductive difficulties can be such a struggle. The desire to have a child is so strong, yet the path to having a baby can be long and challenging. When you are faced with medical issues that prevent you from having a child or you lose an unborn child, you feel a range of powerful emotions. This can impact your daily functioning, health, work responsibilities, and relationships. Reproductive trauma is real and can impact you emotionally and physically.

Couples have to endure a lot of challenges related to reproductive issues. Miscarriage, preterm labor, stillbirth, decisions about infertility treatments, financial concerns, and sharing information with family and friends are just some of the issues that couples experience. You may find that your partner doesn’t understand or that you argue over the littlest problems. The connection you’ve once had seems to be fading and you aren’t sure what to do.

If you are using assisted reproductive technology (ART), such as IVF or egg donation, you may be overwhelmed by the demand on your mental and physical health. Hormone therapy, other fertility medications, and medical procedures can put a toll on your body. Additionally, you are forced to develop patience as you anxiously await promising results. The instant joy that some feel when becoming pregnant may be hampered by worry for your unborn child.

Get the support you need

Engaging in infertility counseling with Dr. Mazzei can help you manage through the difficult emotions associated with infertility, miscarriage, and stillbirth. Additionally, your husband or partner may join you in counseling to improve your relationship. In therapy, you will gain insight into your emotions and develop effective coping strategies. Within a compassionate and supportive space, Dr. Mazzei will give you the psychological support you need to address your emotional, behavioral, and identity concerns. Whether you are male, female, gay or straight, she will explore the reproductive story unique to your own experience. Additionally, hypnosis, lifestyle guidance, including self-care and stress management, can help you improve your mind and body health.

As a Health Psychologist, Dr. Mazzei understands the connection between reproductive difficulties and mental health, as well as couples conflict. She will be there to help you through this difficult time and get you on a more fulfilling and healing path.

How We Can Help

The best place to start is by speaking to our staff, who can discuss infertility counseling, answer any questions about the process, and schedule a confidential appointment with Dr. Mazzei. Simply follow these simple steps:

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Dr. Mazzei offers both in-person and online infertility counseling for residents of Arizona, Illinois, Tennessee, or PSYPACT state. Her private practice is located at 3377 S. Price Rd., Suite 2104, Chandler, AZ.


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